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Facet Technologies is an FDA registered, ISO 13485-2003 certified engineering and manufacturing company located in Atlanta, GA. Facet has over 40 years of experience in medical devices and has proven achievement through its close partnerships with major OEM’s for the design and distribution of diabetes products and safety devices to the marketplace. Facet’s specialty is in the development of new, innovative, hand-held medical devices that are designed with precision in mind and to be intuitive to the user.

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​Established in April 2003, BIONIME is specialized in the business of biotechnology and medical testing. The first product line is the Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) System. BIONIME integrates the top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision mechanism to commercialize the patented technology of unique test strip structure.

Today, BIONIME operates 4 subsidiaries in major markets, Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Our products have been highly recognized by outstanding clinical tests and well-known journals internationally and successfully distributed into the worldwide markets. With the support from our customers, we are confident to grow BIONIME the global competitive leadership in the field of SMBG.

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Shepard Medical Products has been an industry leader in the field of Infection Protection for the medical and food industries since 1986. Throughout the company’s history, Shepard has enjoyed progressive, steady growth by providing the highest quality, infection control solutions to our customers. Some of Shepard's product categories include Vytrile™/Nytrile  latex gloves, masks, gels and wipes. As your trusted provider of the best quality infection protection products, Shepard Medical Products is where infection protection begins.

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Andover Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of cohesive bandages and tapes for the healthcare, animal health, and sports medicine industries. Founded in 1976, Andover is committed to new and innovative technology and distributes its patented products around the world. All Andover products are proudly made in the USA.

Product development is Andover’s specialty and customer service is their commitment. At Andover Healthcare, it’s not just about the products, technology or service – it’s about all of these things, all of the time.

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Sugar Medical was officially launched in 2010. Every bag we design is durable and practical for daily life with diabetes, but style is a huge priority in our design process. We design bags that people WANT and LIKE to carry. We hope having a bag that you love encourages more frequent blood glucose testing, which will lead to better diabetes health for each customer. Each and every purchase is sure to bring a smile to those living with diabetes. Our growing line of bags allow people with diabetes to show a little personality, bring in some color, and make it fun!

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our valued manufacturer partnerships

Medtronic & Covidien is a $28 billion global healthcare products leader dedicated to innovation and long-term growth.

Together, Medtronic and Covidien are working to improve healthcare by addressing the needs of more people, in more ways and in more places around the world. Medtronic & Covidien is a global market leader, with more than 80% of sales derived from product categories where the company is #1 or #2 in the market. With 85,000 employees worldwide operating in 160 countries, Medtronic & Covidien are committed to improving the lives of people through our medical technologies worldwide.

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