Business is ever changing, and to battle costs and to be more competitive we have seen companies outsource many areas of their daily business, accounting, book keeping, customer service, even HR can be outsourced now, and it’s no wonder that we are seeing Sales and Marketing added to that list.

In fact, companies are seeing that outsourcing their Sales & Marketing team can be a quick and efficient way to market. A company can now obtain a talented professional team, streamlining costs and removing high overhead, providing them with the ability to source all sales needs from a single location.

Utilizing a qualified external Sales & Marketing team like PARAGON can and will produce outstanding results by dramatically increasing sales volumes, reducing overhead and most importantly, adding value to your organization.

Often, it seems Sales and Marketing teams have a difficult time producing great results together. Somehow the two groups just don't know how to reach a state of mutual understanding and respect. People in sales complain that marketing is providing them with leads that won't convert, while marketers complain that sales isn't properly working the leads they send them.

This is one good reason why the optimal solution lies in outsourcing both Sales and Marketing to an organization like PARAGON. The reason for this is simply that successful agencies providing this service necessarily treat the problem of demand and revenue outsourcing as a single sales + marketing function and build teams that are required to communicate and work together within a single unified solution involving both disciplines, each with equal importance. 

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Sales and Marketing Program


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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing:

1. Cost Savings and Low Risk – Outsourcing Sales and Marketing to PARAGON gives you instant access to a blended team with blended resources. This eliminates the need to pay multiple sources. Eliminating high overhead costs of hiring a sales force will result in quicker results with lower start up costs.

2. Speed to Market - PARAGON gets you to the retail market instantly as we are a respected Sales and Marketing organization currently calling on all major retail channels.

3. Talent Access – Outsourcing to PARAGON provides our clients immediately with over 100 combined years of experience, relationships and credibility in the retail market.

4. Time Savings - Having a professional sales and marketing team operating at the peak of efficiency seriously reduces the time involved in seeing results and allows the subscribing company's team members to focus on what they do best: deliver products and services.

5. Infrastructure and Learning – PARAGON provides an established infrastructure of customer call coverage throughout all retail sales channels to maximize sales.
6. Stability – Sales and Marketing teams don’t always play well together, but when working with PARAGON you be working with a team with one goal to drive sales and profits for our client.

7. Systems Optimization - Tired of paying for a platform like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo without getting the bang for your buck? PARAGON ensures access to top notch, experienced sales professionals who will properly assess, develop, and optimize your existing retail systems to make certain they are returning a positive ROI.

8. Employee Growth - When done properly, outsourcing can be used as a method for teaching members of your team and organization how to undertake tasks for themselves and how to use the many and varied customer systems. The PARAGON team works to educate our clients on all phases of the selling process as every customers DNA is different.

9. Organizational Growth - Startups and SMBs are notoriously underfunded and understaffed. Engaging PARAGON as your outsourced Sales and Marketing team can enable quick growth by nature of its experience in quickly putting together and executing successful sales and marketing plans in the retail market.

10. New Channel Distribution
– Is your company seeking to gain incremental sales by selling into new distribution channels? PARAGON has extensive experience with selling products that have traditionally been sold into the clinical / institutional markets and have successfully sold them at retail.

Adopting a strategy of outsourced sales and marketing may or may not be the right thing for every company but it is well worth checking us out. If you'd like to learn more about outsourcing your retail Sales and Marketing functions, email us at

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I have worked in the retail consumer products and healthcare industry for over 30 years starting with Johnson & Johnson in 1984. My career in both the branded and private label industry has given me the experience and opportunity to work with “world class” manufacturers while leading sales management and marketing teams. After three corporate acquisitions in five years, I decided to “go out on my own” and take my skills, relationships and work ethic to help manufacturers bring their products to the retail market.

Our company focuses on consumer healthcare products that help people live healthier lives. We can provide a full range of sales, marketing and supply chain solutions to help you launch, sustain and grow share on your products in the retail marketplace. Through our outstanding organizational efficiency, we are able to deliver unique and customized direct to market solutions that are designed to provide our customers the results they expect. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help grow your business.


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