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I have worked in the retail consumer products and healthcare industry for over 30 years starting with Johnson & Johnson in 1984. My career in both the branded and private label industry has given me the experience and opportunity to work with “world class” manufacturers while leading sales management and marketing teams. After three corporate acquisitions in five years, I decided to “go out on my own” and take my skills, relationships and work ethic to help manufacturers bring their products to the retail market.

Our company focuses on consumer healthcare products that help people live healthier lives. We can provide a full range of sales, marketing and supply chain solutions to help you launch, sustain and grow share on your products in the retail marketplace. Through our outstanding organizational efficiency, we are able to deliver unique and customized direct to market solutions that are designed to provide our customers the results they expect. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help grow your business.


       - Chuck Deem, President & CEO


A sales and marketing company dedicated to manage and sell consumer healthcare products, through an independent national sales network, to US retailers. Adding value for both the manufacturer and retailer.



A trusted sales and marketing organization delivering exceptional efficiency and results for our customers.